I may be unknown as a person, but instead I have a well-known profession and also sit on generally known diagnoses. Bio-hackers have already come to the surface and been published and they too are a bit within the genre “self-experienced”. With them, and people like me, you will find wisdoms that have gone hot “LIVE”. All this in addition to the fact that we have managed to live with true intuition and managed to resist “untruths” in society.

I mix biography with facts, based on my own experiences. As I see it, we are essential proofreaders in society. We agree with ourselves that what has been researched really works. We are not bought but have been taught through our own difficulties. I do not have a professorship. I do not excel with “difficult” text but rather keep an open language of well-being for all levels of understanding. Thus, I can give readers gateways to areas such as the pharmaceutical and food industries, the metabolic pandemic, the brokerage profession and other areas of my life that I have chosen to immerse myself in. The pace is fast. I do not write slavishly chronologically, but rather commute and follow the theme that I am highlighting for the moment. I have a patent on my own life, on my own experienced life experiences and on what has become my reality and that together with the wisdom I have acquired along the way.


Kat Brodecki, how did I become Kat ver 3.0

Cat. How did I become Kat? It happened when I started shortening my name to Kat by text message. Everyone at Oscar Properties called me Kat, and I was happy that I finally got rid of Katta as my dear Gävle residents call me. Otherwise, Brodeck’a also works. Had we settled in Italy, “Brodecci would have been a nice last name. I will also be on Facebook, Instagram and other forums as a “photo monologue”. I post one post per heading and day and follow the book most of the time in chronological order. There are between 60-100 headings per book. I see it more as a diary business written in a historical perspective.

Here I once again have a patent on my lived life, my experiences. Insight is not to meet exactly everyone’s opinions. There is a lack of insight into how to handle the integrity of others / strangers. It is threatened, vomited and evicted. I stand over and choose to open up unilaterally. I leave myself, but I am not interested in meeting the world reformist views and opinions. If it does not fit, then read another book. I would rather put my energy into continuing to write more books at my amateur level in the hope that that simplicity will open up readers’ own doors. I am in a very good place in my life and care to keep it.


Keywords: Free, Satisfied, True and Fearless.

Go free in life, be happy with the historical, be true most all the way and dump the fears.

Try it for yourself!


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