Release spring 2021

”My body lifts a few inches from the bed, hovers a meter to the right before I handlessly fall to the floor.The body lifts again and I go faster and faster while my body hits the walls … until I finally wake up.”


This book with the sales title ”My broker life as a madman” can be divided into three parts.The biographical, DIAGNOSTICs and part of THE CAREER.The text in the first part of the book is written chronologically, where we also look historically backwards among older parts.Then the text changes because the focus shifts thematic on career or diagnoses.They unvar, and sometimes they run in parallel. So sometimes you follow focused on the diagnoses and diseases, and later shift and you get to follow more focused on the career.The deepening is thus more themed.



The biographical description takes us to the beginning in Poland, my homeland. Then we go all the way to Sweden and growing up in Gävle, the city of Bocken. The time as a child with two troubled cultures and with diagnoses it was a difficult time. Eating disorders were replaced by euphoric sailing and other periods generally low. EVERYTHING went under the radar like my personality, Mrs. BRODECK’a. Then the invisible disease entered my body, waiting for something to come.



My career came before the diagnoses, once I found the wind in the sails, I was the right person in the right place and I struggled to capture the intended fate. Every now and then an overcapacity was started up which gave me an open field. Cleverly, I slipped into a monopoly position, and was able to operate without brand support. I was free even in the profession. Furthermore, there are different phases and phases in the professional career, depending on the mood and what falls on. One day I did not come any further and then big decisions about life or capital have never been a problem, even in the career part, but it was a quick change and then a quick end. I made a U-turn and after 10 years another finish, a final one and that at a relatively provocative early age.



The diagnoses were with me all the way, unaware of me. When I, at the age of 45, finally directed myself into Psych, I stood on my knees. This after 3 referral rejections. If you are not suicidal and have good family relationships, you are seen as high-performing, where it stops. My own diagnoses were ADHD with fatigue depression. I came out as a thoroughbred BIPOLAR sick person, type 2. Here I describe the way back with the help of drugs, all to buy me time. It is followed by a decision to affirm my own meaningfulness, disconnected from career, power and perfection. To redirect the whole worldview from me to myself. I touch on questions about what is important, for me and the world around me. What is it that we miss “on the road”, there is something special about the fifty-year stretch. When should we evaluate our lives before old age, or should everyone retire at 68 no matter what, as it is now. Can we change something on the way into old age without letting go of the identity we have created around ourselves.

Have I been helped by my diagnoses, or overturned. My life became extra fun and difficult at the same time, it is possible. Can you be happy and sick?

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