“Reading Katarina Brodecki’s book requires you to sit back and fasten your seat belt. Without frills and paraphrases, we are thrown into a naked life story where ups and downs take turns. Katarina Brodecki’s story is concrete, straightforward and honest. The language is clear and well reflects how thoughts and events oscillate in step with life and the changes of the soul. As a psychiatrist, being able to take part in history from the “other side” is refreshing, uplifting and, I must admit, educational as it provides an additional perspective on health and illness. Where does the line really go between normal and sick? When are the symptoms an asset and when are they a heavy buoy. Katarina Brodecki shows in her book that even if nothing is simple, it is never meaningless and I am grateful for her courage and willingness to share. ”

 – Mats Rosengren, Psychiatrist



“In summary, this is a thrillingly true story where Katarina’s open language gives us insight into what can simply be achieved despite or with (?) her diagnoses. This is precisely one of the many exciting questions that arise in me when I read the book. Do we consciously, with our inherent characteristics, choose our choices or is it that our choices are compelling and choose us?”

 – Eva Helde, Opera singer & Doctor



“This book engages and leaves the reader with reflection. It challenges with its total honesty and its unadorned language. Kat Brodecki tells in her own way and very straightforwardly. It is about her dizzying brokerage career despite or hand in hand with serious illnesses and diagnoses. There is no trace of self-pity here. Kat instead provides valuable tips on the path to balance, self-insight and health, based on her own life journey. The true stories are the best.”

 – Anita Edvinsson, Author & Leadership Developer



”When you sit down to read Kat Brodecki’s ‘Broker Life as a Mad Pan’, you have to hold on to your hat, because here it goes! Kat understands early on that she is different, but it is not until she approaches 50 that it is determined that she suffers from several diagnoses, including bipolar. During this time, she has experienced everything from highs to lows, and at the same time, through hypermanic creativity, has fought her way up to a monopoly position as a broker. We readers have to follow the sharp throws between successful million-dollar projects, to not even be able to get out of bed. And one thing is for sure – you will never be bored.”

 – Jennie Kilgren, Literary consultant



”A personal description of achieving success despite great challenges privately and in your career. This is a book with a lot of wisdom about life, people and the inner journey.”

 – Elin Ihreborn, Literary consultant




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