Present and Contemporary


Kat. BRODECKI’s version 4.0 is a horse project called ME AND MY HORSES – TEAM ARABIAN, where we import Berber-Arabs from Morocco and then resell.

HÄSTsomduvillrida is thus the third brand foundation in the SERIES DITTlivsomduvillhadet/ BOKsomdubordeläsa and the more recent HEMsomduvillboi.

The horses HELLEL (RosaMulen) and HALLF, are two beautiful Arab horses to be picked up from Morocco to Sweden in September 2021. I then go down myself and drive these two home, a trip of 7500 km round trip.

Four “sacred” stops in a couple of days each are also planned. The first stop is Nerja, and then San Sebastian, where it will be ridden on the Compostella Campiago pilgrimage route located in Northern Spain, as well as a long-awaited visit to friends in the Champagne district of Congy. Finally, there will be a slightly longer stop in Skåne.

All this will be filmed into a brand-building documentary, focusing on the whole adventure of travelling a long way to buy horses that will then be transported home to Sweden for resale.

After the purchase, the horses are ridden in, and prepared both physically and mentally by professional horse riders for the return journey. It involves everything from the horse’s psyche and riding training that takes place during six weeks when they are in quarantine, to castration and veterinary vision. We will assist with everything, including travel and the transport itself.

The horse drivers in question have previously taken on stunt assignments during the filming of “Game of Thornes”, and have also been responsible for a lot of filming. Today they feed on horseback riding trips, and to just school horses. The horses are purchased as farm horses, but then come out after 2-3 months and are intruded on the same level as police horses. So we always make sure you buy a safe horse.

Here we will build a horse bank, with potential Berber Arabs for sale, and you can have a Bond horse-Arab trained and refined on site.

We will travel around and visit both horse markets and selected horses from our horse bank. We develop horses with potential, and communicate with our horse dealers and horse drivers, who will refine the horse of your choice.

Once back in Sweden, we will be racing country and kingdom around with the demo horses in horse house car, to present both the arrangement and the new breed, under “Me and my HORSES TEAM ARABIA”

The purchase of horses, the long journey, the training of horses, and the way back to the Swedish swamp will be written as Bok7 in the book series ‘BOKsomdubordeläsa’, and have the exciting title “IS THIS MY SUICIDE”. It also becomes part of the marketing of it – at least for Sweden – relatively new horse breeds.


Kat. BRODECKI’s ver 5.0 is about private mountain suction production up in Årefjäll. Named VILLA PERSONA where Kat with Peter man builds new completely according to their tastes and liking.

FJÄLLstuga somduvillboi is the fourth and final brand foundation. This together with HÄSTsomduvillrida, DITTlivsomduvillhadet and BOKsomdubordeläsa. Here we will end up as two very satisfied people, qualifying as the elders with life lived all the way.

A-frame house from thought image to finished mountain home. Kat. Brodecki as design and interior manager, Peter man as project manager. After that, we are facing construction by 2025.

First, a couple of tons of books will be sold, not a book will be given away for free, just like pets that are given a monetary value, so will my books.

Socrates, the man who represents a part of my personality, will be responsible for contentment and perfection. The creative foundation, what for me generates energy and drives me forward. However, this Socrates will be kept tight, and far away from the budget.

All this is to be immortalized in BOK10, “DOPAMINE JUNKEY TO FJÄLLS”.

LIFE is just to be lived, don’t forget that…

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